Back Projection

Body Projection is like body paint but on steroids.  We can change up the images multiple times a minute for variation or we can take our time and set up each shot with small adjustments for the perfect capture.  With out giving away too many secrets, this is done with multiple projectors and special software.


For back projection you as a model must be comfortable with topless or implied topless.  We have pasties in the studio if you want them.  For bottoms, you can go nude if you like, but seamless skin tone panties are preferred in our Trade shoots as it opens more options for usage, but we will do both at models request.  If you have photos that you want projected on you or special requests let us know before hand and we can make that happen other wise you can pick from our collection.


These are amazing on a wall especially as large metal prints.  Check our our shop for a small listing, if you would like to order a custom size or an image below that is not on our shop just shoot us a mail.