Editorial, Commercial, Beauty and Glamour

That heading says a lot with out saying much of what to expect here!  We dont just shoot artistic pieces but also items for magazines and commercial work, as well as items for models and agency use.  Photography genres can cross and blur lines, can definitions and uses can change from coast to coast.  If its not a art project, a cosplay or body scape and still a photo with a person in it, you will find it here.


You will find most of our work will have clean and simple background and wardrobe choices.  In many of these works our subject and focus is the person.  Clean backdrops, simple and few related props and using non-elaborate everyday wardrobe helps to bring focus to where it needs to be, the person.

What to expect

We work with models and everyday people, and use a variety of techniques to create help the model achieve the desired look. We do not micro pose here, we will get you set up in the set then talk you into an emotion or feeling allowing you to move in a natural way. This style of photography can be used for a wide range of purposes, including advertising, fashion, personal branding, prints or just for you.