Bodyscape photography is a mesmerizing art form that celebrates the human body’s natural beauty through intricate compositions and captivating lighting techniques.

In this style, the human form becomes a landscape, with curves, contours, and textures serving as the artist’s canvas. Each photograph is a delicate interplay of light and shadow, unveiling the subtle nuances and inherent grace of the human physique. Bodyscape photography transcends traditional portraiture, inviting viewers to appreciate the human form in a new, abstract context, where the interplay of shapes and shadows evokes a sense of mystery and sensuality.

Become art

These can be done completely anonymously, no one will know you were the model unless you tell them or want to be tagged in a collab. Come alone or bring a friend and get photos together from simple low key body shapes to 'landscape' scenes, our artistic vision is the limit.


Available for hire for private sessions or as artistic collabs.  Should be comfortable shooting in underwear or a bikini, optionally can be done implied, topless or nude.