Body Projection

Body Projection is like body paint but on steroids.  We can change up the images multiple times a minute for variation or we can take our time and set up each shot with small adjustments for the perfect capture.  With out giving away too many secrets, this is done with multiple projectors and special software.


This style is 100% about the interaction of light with the curves and shapes of the body, as such for body projection you as a model must be comfortable shooting in underwear at a minimum.  Topless works even better, and we have pasties in the studio if you want them.  For bottoms, you can go nude if you like, but seamless skin tone panties work well and doesn't detract from the image.  Body suits can be used for more conservative but not as dramatic look.  Just keep wardrobe pieces skin toned or at least lighter in color.


For body projection 1 or 2 images are chosen and projected from opposite sides of the body simultaneously creating a light pattern across the curves of the body.  Grids and lines can give a good sense of depth, more random patterns like tie dyes can give trippy look.

Videos are everything in this style, as you can watch the way the light wraps and changes as the body moves or 'swims' if you would through the light.

Projection Videos

The light play interaction between the patterns and the body can be like nothing else. We highly encourage you to request some video in your session.