Keeping it Simple

Simple and to the soul. Our collection features minimalist and timeless photographs that focus on the natural beauty and simplicity of the subject. With a focus on clean lines and a lack of distractions, these photographs showcase the subject in a sophisticated and elegant way. As a portrait of a single person our editorial style photographs capture the essence of the subject with a subtle and refined aesthetic.

Come shoot this with us!

We do offer this style shoot in what is know in the industry as Trade for Print, where we will shoot it for free in exchange for a Model Release. Anyone can do this you do not need to be a "Model".

If you dont want the images shared, then contact us about a private session


Simple wardrobe, nothing shiny or distracting.  We do have items in studio to select from, but please bring some items you know you like, that fit well and are comfortable shooting in.

  • Top- tank tops, crop tops, plain t-shirt, body suits, bras, jacket, sheet/cloth, implied/topless
  • Bottoms- Shorts, jeans/worn jeans, body suits, bikinis, or underwear
  • Accessories- Knee Highs, tights, socks, heals or boots