Mental Health Awarness

Another vision brought to us by the model.  Kasey and significate other Jesse are some of the most down to earth and genuine people I have met and this is a subject near to all of our hearts.


To borrow from Kasey's post "To me the red string represents the invisible hold that mental illnesses have on us. It blind us, hold us back, silences us.. Just because we can’t see someone’s pain doesn’t mean that they aren’t struggling internally."

We all know someone that struggles daily, and we all have our moments.  For many it may not effect their daily lives, and for them it can be hard to understand what other may go through, but its important we try, and that we try to help and without pushing them.


Kasey was inspired by the incredible @theeditorialstyle . When she saw her photos of this concept they touched her in a way no other photos have done in quite some time and when she brought the concept of doing some inspired shots to us, we couldnt pass it up.