Georgian Mermaids

From the creative mind of Erin White and friends this collection celebrates the mythical and enchanting world of mermaids


From shimmering scales to flowing tresses, our models embody the playful and imaginative spirit of this classic fantasy creature. Whether they're posing on a shore or diving into the depths of the ocean, mermaids and Capt Jack Sparrow bring a sense of whimsy and wonder to every photograph.


Photographer @NewGeorgianStudios

Organizer @erinjbwhite

Model - Elizbeth and Mermaid (purple)@erinjbwhite

Model -Mermaid (light blue)@Annieebug_

Model - Mermaid (dark blue)@thejuliarich

Model - Mermaid @sailor_cos.mads (light pink)

Model - Jack Sparrow @chrissie_forlie