MoneaAdore - Fairies

A concept brought to us by MoneaAdore and executed in our Hapeville studio.  Features two wardrobes both with Fairy type vibes

Wardrobe #1

Vision of being her own fairy tale story with a mystical winged dress. Immersed in the photo you can feel the magic of the season with its lavender hue  of the dress, the delicate floral embroidery and props, with color matched wings to finish off the look. 

Wardrobe #2

We then embark on a more edgy take with a enchanting tutu skirt intertwined with flowers paired with a delicate lace bra. The tutu skirt, adorned with soft floral accents, captures the essence of spring and was hand crafted by us at New Georgian Studios and is available for shoots, pair with your own top or one of ours to make a look of your own.