Witcher - Toss a coin

A collab between Erin White and us resulting in a set of amazing Witcher photos.  All of these were taking in studio and are composited after.  Erin brought her amazing cosplays and us our lighting and compositing skills.


Erin is a master crafter and crafted these cosplays her self!  One of the swords is from our collection.  Give her a follow on Instagram she is always sharing tips.  @erinjbwhite


Showcasing the fierce and formidable characters from the popular Witcher series. From Geralt of Rivia to Triss Merigold, Erin White bring these iconic characters to life with their attention to detail and dedication to the craft. Whether they're brandishing a steel sword or casting powerful spells, our Witcher cosplayers exude the strength and determination of their chosen characters.